Ukraine is great place for retirement if you are from more rich country. Here for sure you can live like a very wealthy man.

Food are very healthy and cheap. And it’s mostly organic. People around you are nice – they always like to talk and socialize. So in Ukraine for sure you will not feel yourself alone on retirement.

All services here are cheap, so you can learn some dancing, horse riding, maybe even new foreign language – because payment for lesson will not cost you more than 20$ for sure.

And even if you already know all advantages and dream to move to Ukraine after retirement, still there are some things which you need to clarify for yourself.


You need to have legal background for permanent living in Ukraine. Even if before you was easily going to Ukraine without visa and things was so smooth, you need to remember – visa free regime is only for tourism. You can stay in Ukraine only 90 days out of 180, or better to say, 3 months in Ukraine, 3 months out of Ukraine. You can not exceed this limit, because you will pay fine and next time you will not be able to enter Ukraine.

Of course some people think that it’s just small detail and they really don’t care how long you are staying in Ukraine.. Finally you can give some bribe and it would be fine, but no, guys. It’s really serious, especially in the time of war, our migration watch this things very serious.

So you need to have temporary residence to be able stay in Ukraine more than 3 months.

What it could be:

  1. You have work in Ukraine
  2. You came to Ukraine to take part in some international project, which is officially registered in Ukraine.
  3.  You are coming to Ukraine to work in religious organization
  4. You are coming to Ukraine to branch of NGO to participate to some project.
  5. You come to work in foreign organization which has branch in Ukraine
  6. You are talking part in international volunteering organization
  7. You are coming for studying
  8. You come to your husband/wife who are Ukrainian or has temporary residence in Ukraine

Open company and get work permission

If you will apply to any agency which is providing migration services, they will suggest you to open company in Ukraine and hire yourself as CEO, get working permission and based on this permission you will get temporary residence.

It’s reliable way, and you will get this residence in a month. But at the same time it will cost you up to 1000$ (of course if you are not going to do it by yourself), and still it will require attention and money from you later.

It’s fine if you will not provide any activity of your company, because most of guys don’t want to do anything, but still you need to give reports to tax department and social security department. Sure you will not do it by yourself, so you will hire some person who will do this for you, and you will pay her money every month.

So it’s reliable way, but will require money from you always.

So try to think about participating to some NGO, find some volunteering program etc..In the beginning it can help you a lot, you will get new friends in Ukraine, understand country better and will have legal background to stay in Ukraine.

Usually you can get temporary residence permit for 1 year, but if you are participating to some project for longer time, you will get residence for the whole period.


Foreigners are allowed to buy apartments and houses in Ukraine and to buy land for building houses. So if you have enough money and you are sure you want to live in Ukraine for a ling time, I would recommend you to buy an apartment or house for living. There are several reasons for that:

  1. It would be much cheaper in long prospective.
  2. You are living in your property and you can do in that house everything you want, unlike in renting apartment you can not do anything without permission from owner, and owners mostly time don’t allow anything.
  3. As foreigner, you need to be officially registered in some apartment, and usually owners of renting apartment do not accept that. So you will have to look for other solutions, who can really register you in some fake apartment, just not to have problem with migration.
  4. Your apartment will be little investment, which you can sell in future and get your money back.

City to live

Of course I would recommend you Kiev, maybe Lviv and Kharkiv. But Kiev has the most of things, more people speaks English, much more international activities, restaurants, clubs, shops etc…  In Kiev you will not feel boring, and don’t forget that there is a big problem with English in Ukraine, so if you hope to have some communication, it’s better to live in big city.

I think I covered in this article the most complicated and important questions. Everything else depends form your lifestyle and preferences.

If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to write me them in comments.