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Tips for travel to Ukraine

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5 ways to put yourself in danger in Ukraine

I noticed that some foreigners, who are coming to Ukraine, are very naive and trustworthy. Because of that, they are loosing money, helpth, put themselves in a big troubles. There are few ideas which […]

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What to visit in Kyiv, Ukraine

The name if topic seems like the name of my blog, But anyway, a lot of guys ask me “What to visit in Ukraine?”, “Which place do you suggest to visit in Ukraine”, so I decided to write this article and describe shortly al places which you can visit. And you can choose just the most attractive for you. […]

Tips for dating Ukrainian women

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TOP 5 Ukrainian models

Daria Khlystun.

She was born in small city in Dnipro region. She didn’t dream to be a model, but model agent found her pictures in social networks and propose her some job. For today she […]

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Importance of Cultural Differences

Very often I hear form you guys about cultural differences, and in this article I decided to talk with you about it a little bit. It will be just my thoughts.
Very often after not […]

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How to estimate your chances with girl?

Ukrainians can easily understand chances to have a relationship with other people. Girls see if they can approach some guys, and the same guys do. We feel it somehow mentally and it’s very easy. […]

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